This is the most disruptive time in the wine industry since Prohibition. Despite continued consolidation in the supply chain, and billions spent towards sales and marketing efforts, the top suppliers have not been able to connect with consumers in a meaningful and authentic way.

We are a different kind of wine company for a different time. Sales through traditional outlets must be a result of a true connection with consumers.  This connection can only be created through consistent targeted marketing that is integrated with 3-tier sales efforts. In today’s market, sales and marketing must work hand in hand.

1026 was founded by two partners with over 50 years of 3-tier & key account management, as well as more than 15 years of world class brand, advertising and marketing excellence. We know how to position your brand for today’s and tomorrow’s market, get it into the right points of distribution, then help push AND pull it through to consumers.

A year ago we launched our first brand brand, SomeWine, a joint venture with massive social media icon brand Someecards. In that year we’ve had our marketing shared by consumers millions of times on social media, built key national wholesaler relationships, gained distribution in 23 states and multiple chains like Meijer, BevMo!, ABC, Goody Goody, and others.

And we are proud to announce that starting in February 2018, 1026 Beverage Co. is the exclusive marketing and sales team for California’s next generation of iconic wines, Tobias Vineyards.

We’re excited about the future. Let’s talk.