This is the most disruptive time in the wine industry since Prohibition. Despite much consolidation, and billions spent, the top wine suppliers, distributors, retailers, & D2C companies have still not quite figured out the best route forward in these times.

We know the world doesn’t need just another wine company – one with a snazzy label, some key account contacts, and a dream. Consumers, retailers, and wholesalers demand more.

The time is right for a different kind of wine company – one that knows the industry well enough to know what works, and knows the new digital consumer well enough to know what needs to change.

A year ago we launched our first Modern Classic brand,¬†SomeWine, a joint venture with massive social media icon brand Someecards. In that year we’ve had our marketing shared by consumers millions of times on social media, built key national wholesaler relationships, gained distribution in 23 states and multiple chains like Meijer, BevMo!, ABC, Goody Goody, and others.

And that is just the start…

We’re excited about the future.¬†Let’s talk.